We have started again with our dance practice!

In this time of physical distancing

with uncertainty and confusion of information and communication

we are all called to face our fears and go deeper within

We have been offered this time to stay quiet and experience quietness all around

while others are in the midst of intense action or deep pain

a time to realise our true nature and meet our deep guidance

an important time to continue our somatic based dance practice

a time to connect with our community right on the field!

We are having two practices:


practice for a human body and a tree

For this time I developed a series of day practice on the organs with the central focus on the Lungs. You need to find a tree that you are called to and the whole practice will develop in relation with your body and the tree, a partnering work! It is an autonomous practice that you can do on your own where you are or you can gather with us in the Arboretum to create a dancing field.

Serpent Walk 

This is one of our practices which we can still do in small groups, maximum 8 people and extra distancing. It is a silence walk in nature, a walking meditation. Each person will form a part of the body of the Serpent and for about 2 hours will walk as One Body.


If you are moved to take part please let us know

and we can send you the day practice so that you can follow it at your location

or you can join us if you are in Wageningen or close by.

Wishing for all of us humans to find our deeper connection!

Marisa Grande



Laboratory for Movement

Come, visit and join us in our new studio! 





A New Studio to host, support and stimulate artistic practice rooted in the knowledge of Body and Movement! The intention of the Laboratory for Movement is to offer a place for dance practice & for crossover projects and events, reaching and gathering different communities. A true laboratory of ideas and embodiment! The diversity of activities is meant to reach a variety of people from different backgrounds and levels of experience. All our events share the practice of ‘knowing through movement’We are committed to making the Laboratory for Movement a place to meet, play, learn and exchange. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Laboratory for Movement!!!

[Dutch version]

Een nieuwe studio voor het organiseren, ondersteunen en stimuleren van artistiek werk, vanuit de kennis van Lichaam en Beweging! Laboratory for Movement biedt een podium voor dansbeoefening & interdisciplinaire projecten en activiteiten, die verschillende gemeenschappen bereiken en samenbrengen. Een echt laboratorium voor belichaming van ideeën! De activiteiten richten zich op het bereiken van mensen van diverse achtergronden en met verschillende artistieke ervaring
De gemene deler van alle activiteiten is: ‘weten door beweging’.
We zijn gedreven om het Laboratory for Movement een plek te maken om te
ontmoeten, spelen, leren en om uit te wisselen.


Training venue

Entrance: opposite Westerhofseweg 24, (Rooseveltweg 350)
6707 GW Wageningen,


Last Updated: 15th of June 2020