Somatic Dance is an organic approach to body and movement.

It derives from the Greek word soma meaning living, aware, pertaining to the body, experienced and regulated from within. The idea of soma conceives the body and mind as a unity, as both are part of a living process. It also implies a sense of healthy responsibility within the environment by freeing the body-mind from restrictions and it is based on the principle that growth, change and transformation are possible at any age.

The somatic dance training invites and guides us into a deeper connection to our bodily experience by moving with sensitivity and imagination.

This approach develops into a dynamic dance practice in which body and mind are integrated and able to dialogue and inspire one another in action. It is a process where the dualistic approach of body against mind is dissolved into a full-embodied intelligence.

The practice focus on different body systems, through exploration and movement integration.

Improvisation is a practice of making dances.

As we develop directly from the physical experience we tap into the world of dance as a language and open up to its power of communication through composition.

We train our capacity to make choices by being present and tuned to the moment, perceiving and moving as one organic action.

Performance is an essential part of the dance practice.

And therefore it is seen as an extension of our training. It is meant to develop the body-mind awareness in the context of making instant dances. To stimulate and develop the evolving relationship between embodiment and imagination, as well as grow our full presence and come in dialogue with the environment.

The Performance Practice is actually an integrated part of the weekly dance training, it’s also happening in monthly ICP in Wageningen, Utrecht and Amsterdam as well as taking place outside the studio on location at Wageningen University and town center.


For whom: The training is for people with an interest in body and movement and with an open explorative mind. Willing to commit in the dance practice as an individual and group process. The level of experience can vary when entering the group but it’s important to be honest with one’s own development and capacity to grow in the practice.

I meet, work and play with the specific body and mind of a group as well as the individuals. I offer a body of knowledge and I guide each individual to apply any principle in their direct experience. It is a process of taking our power back to us, by taking full responsibility for our body and it’s experience, in this way we are able to tune into our body intelligence re-connecting with our intuition.  

                                                                                                               — Marisa Grande

Photo credits: Manos Kalomenopoulos