Dreamlab is an interdisciplinary performative action for children (and adults). The performative action focuses on the creation of images using movement, music and voice. Its interactive nature invites the children to organically become part of the unfolding ‘story’ by witnessing and playing with the performers. 

Dreamlab is an artistic project with a social function. Artistically committed to the power of imagination as a tool for growth and development, Dreamlab endeavours to offer a frame for children and parents to meet in an unordinary setting, to see and experience each other anew through the magnifying lens of images and to benefit from their dynamic quality. Images created in the moment and through the inputs of all the participants, are then guided and sustained by the skilled performers, able to use their art craft to shape the real time dynamic and integrate it into the instantly composed performance.

A performance lasts about 30 minutes. Afterwards, performers, parents (caretakers) and children can meet and play in an informal setting.  In most performances, we work with dancers and musicians who are experienced in instant composition and work from a somatic approach. They use movement, music and voice as elements for imagination. Examples of themes / images as starting point for previous performances: 

  • The wind in us 
  • The seed: travelling in the belly of the bird 
  • The coming into existence of the world out of the water on the back of the turtle
  • Sometimes it just gets too hot