Phase II Nomadic Residency on the Rhine has been a 5 days complete experience of exploring the relation between body, landscape and how stories are generated within our imagination.

After a full day in the studio we started a 3 days WALK along the River Rhine in the surrounding of Wageningen crossing from the edge of the Veluwe to Betuwe, the Netherlands

9 people as one Serpent tracing a MAP on the land, rooting in the NOW  each facing oneself in the simple act of walking and being part of a bigger body, the Serpent!

On the 5th day we used the dance practice to integrate the experience and we shared it in nature with an audience.


The Serpent was created by each member finding a ‘mythical name’ an invitation to the journey!

Here is the body of the Serpent:

Navigator, Joao

Avatar, Lian

Phoenix, Marisa

Uichichaya, Veronika

Mother, Sandy

Venadita, Petra

Joker, Robin

Fool, Femke

Warrior, Annabel

and the Alchemist, Raul who followed and fed the Serpent in its walk, who captured and processed the images…

This Project has been supported by InMotion dance traces

Photo credits: Raul Anderson