An interdisciplinary site-specific performance on the relation between Body and Water. A start in the intention to integrate water science with performing art, making the invisible water stream of groundwater visible. The performance has been an experiential journey through the landscape around the Vitens groundwater pump station in Zeddam, Gelderland. 

Groundwater has been created especially for the event Walk on Water organized by Cultuurmij Oost with the theme of quality of Water and it’s responsible use in our communities.

Artistic Direction: Marisa Grande 

Dancers: members of InMotion dance group

Electric Guitar and water pipes: Orestis Karghotis

Clarinet: Erikwim During 

Video – Raul Anderson

Water research – Femke Jansen

Text by: Masaru Emoto excerpt from the book ‘the secret life of water

Made possible with the support of: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Cultuurmij Oost & Vitens


Watch our edited performance below


Photo credits: Raul Anderson