Marisa Grande is an independent performer in the field of improvisation and contemporary dance. For thirty years she has been performing and teaching while studying, researching and integrating different approaches and disciplines in both dance and theatre.

Her movement work matured into a dance approach that she calls somatic dance which supports the movement investigation to expand and develop into the improvisation as a performance practice. Her way of teaching is direct and empowering and her approach is proved to be an efficient tool for performers coming from different disciplines and stage practice.

Her performance work from stage to site-specific, integrates different artistic languages into one whole event. Her constant interest and focus on principles behind form allowed her to work with many art forms and styles as well as with people coming from various backgrounds, always finding new synthesis.


Photo credits: Raul Anderson

Marisa teaches the dance training and keeps the work frame, she guides and directs artistically the InMotion group. Her involvement grew through the years along with the development in the dance and artistic practice. The specific moment in time, the configuration of people and the Wageningen University context all worked to create the unique experience of InMotion dance traces!

….I was attracted to become the choreographer of what was called at the time Emotion dance company. I enjoyed the setting of a 3 hours weekly training, the autonomous nature of the group and the dancers interest and involvement in performance work.

Since 2011 I became the choreographer and started giving the dance training and in time I started to implement my somatic dance and improvisation approach. This was new to the members of the group, nevertheless it found its way and called other members to join the group. It became natural to change the name, which I was never connected with, from Emotion to InMotion dance traces and we became an official association in 2015: stichting InMotion dance traces.

The work, the group and the people developed through different performance projects along with the weekly training, which all together created an artistic frame to grow. The life of many was touched as the dance work started to penetrate and dialogue more and more with their daily life and activities.

This unique experience was possible thanks to the very specific gathering of people in space and time! My vision and work was generously supported by the board, made by the very engaged members Petra and Gonne, thinking along with me and giving legs to ideas! The circle expanded to include more active members, each with her/his quality and way to contribute and support. Joao, Veronika, Femke, Sandy, Lian, to name a core of people who’s contribution has been vital to shape and support the work, as well as outside people which started to gravitate and support the group, collaborating with their skills like Raul and Manos, contributing with graphic and images, musicians like Erik and Orestis, and many others inside and outside the group itself!

Since the Dreambody trilogy has been completed in 2016, the configuration of the group has changed drastically as most of the core group have left the country to continue their path!
It feels we have grown and expanded beyond the small bubble of Wageningen, the connection is strong and the work continues beyond geographical distance…

The board is now made of Gonne, Femke and Joao with the support of Petra.

We keep updating, work organically and open to new comers to join the work, to learn from it and contribute to its development….