WE undercurrent


A platform for articulation and exchange about the process of embodiment through performing art.

A frame to embed and grow ideas on interdisciplinary performance practice in relation to social context and human evolution.

A performance group gathering around a specific project.


We create projects as well as performances with local communities that include independent artists, professional as well as non-professional, and people of various backgrounds to open poetic spaces for encounters, questioning and creativity. As such, our work is strongly context- and process-oriented, based on delicate holding of the process and empowering of each individual with his/her unique contribution to the whole.

Where we come from

After many years of being, moving and practice in the scene of new dance, improvisation and film documentary Marisa and Raul developed a bound with the University based dance group InMotion dance traces in the town of Wageningen, Holland. Their way of working has always been unambitious in relation to the mainstream art scene while rooted in the practice of dance and film making and their correlation. Since 2011 Marisa has been giving the somatic dance training for InMotion group and together with Raul developed performance projects, in collaboration with InMotions  dancers.  WE undercurrent branches from this experience and roots in the inspiring and evolving collaboration with the core members of InMotion dance traces.


Our vision is the integration of different artistic languages and practices. We endeavour to apply the somatic dance and improvisation work into performance projects and to translate it into other mediums and social contexts to support and find other ways to think, communicate and create.