Orestis Karghotis

Growing up on an island gave me plenty. Cyprus fed my world with its wonders and gave me enough curiosity to explore lands beyond it. As a half dutch boy, I went to the Netherlands to study nature’s patterns and become a biologist. All the way through my path, music has gave me rhythm to jump to and melodies to travel with. Since I was 12, I played the guitar and found a passion in creating music, getting together with people, making songs, playing for people and sharing experiences. 

Having always been a fan of improvisation, I am the river gave me the opportunity to explore that world in the guiding hands of Marisa Grande. Since 2016 I have been part of  the InMotion dance traces, learning and exploring instant composition. It has been an inspirational journey. A journey through music, dance and deep connection with the people of the group. Now, based in Brussels, the journey continues on unknown territories. The work still resonates. Looking forward for the next step!
Photo by Neli Prota. Edited in B&W. Performance at Theatre De Wilde Wereld June 2016.