Raul Anderson

Raul Anderson (MX/NL) is a photographer, a filmmaker and a cook. His work embraces a skilled camera work and a sensitive editing. Rooted into the analog photography, super 8 and documentary film he developed to integrate the digital. This combination defines his poetic and resonates in his images. His work has always been created for theatre and dance performances. He has been collaborating with an international community of artists in Mexico, Netherlands and Italy. The cooking became an important part of his life, as cooking is for him an experimental field at all levels, a practice for integration of presence in action and service. Life provided him with the opportunity to combine cooking, image and performance in a very unique and organic way!

He has been involved with InMotion for many years and especially for the three years Dreambody Project, working with video in the landscape, with the dancers and the local community; integrating documentary interview-based footage with the poetic of body and landscape.