Name: Gonne Beekman
InMotion dancer: since 2011
Profession: Development economist at Wageningen University & Research
Sentence: Dance is the art of integration and connection. Integration within the body, integrating body and mind, and integrating Life–building connections between all elements that are part of it!

Name: Femke Jansen
InMotion dancer: since 2011
Profession: PhD candidate in hydrology at Wageningen University & Research
Sentence: spreading my mind to all cells of my body – listening – from where I travel through space fully in the Now

Name: Petra Vossenberg
InMotion dancer: since 2011
Profession: Food researcher. Petra did her PhD at Wageningen University & Research
Sentence: studying the wonders of the body, being fully present, finding new pathways, releasing, surprising encounters and playfullness.














Name: Donna Stolwijk
InMotion dancer: (2017-2018) – 2019
Profession: Promotor of corporate social responsibility
Sentence: forget everything you think you know about dancing and just be. To start moving from there is such a pleasure!

Name: Elena degli Innocenti
InMotion dancer: since 2012
Profession: PhD candidate on environmental policy and working for the UTZ sustainability standard, better farming-better future.
Sentence: through dance, I find my power and shoot it out, yet not harming, but on the contrary, serving the IT!

Name: Chiara Mareike Bockstahler
InMotion dancer: Since 2017
Profession: Full time human
Sentence: Discovering my intrinsic creativity, playfulness and spontaneity in any situation of life- that’s what inMOtionVEMENT triggers in me. A big step forwards- back to my nature.













Name: Angela Anastasiou InMotion dancer: Since 2014 Profession: Certification Officer at Green Award Foundation. Angela did her Masters at Wageningen University and Research Sentence: I enjoy meeting other bodies in the field and bringing images and stories in space. Exploring the dance experience in natural and urban landscapes.

Name: Sarantoula Sarantaki
InMotion dancer: since 2012
Profession: Movement artist
Sentence: embodying the Now, expanding my roots. Moving through Life and meet others in the playful field.

Name: Tatiana (Tanya) Nikolaeva
InMotion dancer: Since 2016
Profession: PhD candidate in biophysics at Wageningen University & Research
Sentence: trust, explore with an open mind and full presence, move from where you are.















Name: Rachel van Ooteghem
InMotion dancer: since 2011
Profession: Assistant Professor, Wageningen University & Research
Sentence: why would you hide? Dance and purely be!

Name: Linda van Kleef
InMotion dancer: since 2011
Profession: Project assistant at Wageningen University and Research
Sentence: however scary exposure can be, it is liberating! My body already knows its own ways, my mind is learning to accept and adapt and to be quiet enough to listen to the space within. What a mirror to learn about life.

Name: Joao Espinha
InMotion dancer: 2014-2020
Profession: Biotech researcher
Sentence: finding movement in the four corners of the body. Expressing outwards landscapes and stories through which we flow and navigate.















Name: Kawire Gosselink
InMotion dancer: 2017-2018
Profession: Project manager at Natuur & Milieu, in the field of sustainable agriculture
Sentence: exploring what it is to move and meet with open heart, mind and body.

Name: Annabel Garriga
InMotion dancer: 2014-2018
Profession: Yoga teacher and artist
Sentence: enjoying the present moment.

Name: Veronika Semelková
InMotion dancer: 2012-2019
Profession: Organic agriculture hero – project management and coordination
Sentence: to meet an-Other in space – the Field!













Name: Erikwim During
InMotion dancer: 2016-2017
InMotion musician: pop-up appearances since 2014
Sentence: moving my body has been a joy for as long as I live, following intuitive lines of walking or finding playful elements in running. Dancing has been something I have wished to do for a very long time, in exactly the improvising way of InMotion.

Name: Robin Kasozi Bukenya
InMotion dancer: 2015
Profession: Teacher at ROC Nijmegen and more
Sentence: there is a freedom in releasing tension, there is an ancient Wisdom in the body that is unlocked by motion, there is a rhythmic expression in emotion. What an honour it was to share this sensation that as a revelation taught me that the River is plural, not single. Thank you In-Motioners 🙂

Name: Lian Kasper
InMotion dancer: 2013-2017
Profession: Landscape architect, facilitator and writer. Lian did her Masters at Wageningen University & Research
Sentence: dancing roots me in my Body and in my Landscape. Am I a dancer? Ask my body. My body knows
















Name: Shuhang Wang
InMotion dancer: 2011-2015
Profession: Scientific assessor
Sentence: move…, and see.

Name: Imma Oliveras Menor
InMotion dancer: 2014-2015
Profession: Lecturer in Ecosystems Science and Researcher of Tropical Ecology
Sentence: I come from a long ballet tradition but I was never considered to be a good dancer. With Marisa for the first time I was not judged by the stereotype movements and definitions of how a beautiful movement has to be, and I could simply dance as my body and soul wished.

Name: Anne van Loon
InMotion dancer: 2011-2014
Profession: Researcher & Lecturer in Water Science at the University of Birmingham
Sentence: I take my dance everywhere I go
















Name: Anouk de Koning
InMotion dancer: since 2015
Profession: Student at the Wageningen University & Research
Sentence: by expanding in time and space bringing IT all in the here and now. Effortlessly and full in joy. Awakening my senses and opening the soul.



The dancers list continues:

Amandine, Audrey, Efka, Ellen, Madeleen, Meng, Patcha, Roos, Xander, Marilou