Mirrors & Reflections
No longer pending but directly manifested

Entering into the inner Space
In-movement meandering
Repetitions in voluntary rhythm
A Silent Trance of Inner’ing

The Serpent in all its components
Together support in resonance (Joker)


I learn to support what is

Today I am horizontal, I linger, extending my arms my fingers slowly
caressing, depositing, the land is my bank, I allow silence (Avatar)


In nature I am.

Watching the serpent floating in the river as it is mirroring itself from above
The serpent serving a ground on which I can swim as I explore (Fool)


Did you cry?
I cried because I could open my heart.

Instead of touching a tree, I could feel the tree with my heart and be supported by its strength. I could embrace without walls. (Venadita)


I ‘ve got soul based in unity
Ready to dive into trust’s wisdom

Through Venadita’s heart, I am touching the unknown river
This is the beginning of the revelation
not the end of our destination
I am here
yet the journey continues (Mother)

It is the first Fire that I could see with my eyes and feel on my skin, that burns inside me and when necessary reclaims my body
My name is Phoenix I witness my own Death!

My body walks but I am not my body
My body is the vehicle I travel with (Phoenix)


I fly up to a point from where the world is one. From where I trust. From where I can witness. From where I understand that everything is connected.

I see trees bending to their western gods. I feel the east wind. It is the same wind that brought me here. It ruffles my feathers with messages from home.

My mother is human, my father is wind. (Uichichaia)


I embraced the navigator self. I paid particular attention to the rhythm and flow so to steer the snake throughout the journey and I noticed how it got stronger from day to day

There was a sense of knowing. This sense of knowing was my driving force to get up. (Navigator)


In silence. (Warrior)’


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