Geografie Umane within the project ART that reconnects US by WEundercurrent

will be performing at the Living Village Festival 19-23 June 2019

Sjamandada stage – Brinkweg 36B, 7722 VA Dalfsen, Netherlands 

Friday 21/6 Geografie Umane – performance 20:00
Saturday 22/6 ART that reconnects US – practice & circle 15:00
Sunday 23/6 ART that reconnects US – practice & circle 17:00

Geografie Umane Our body is a landscape and a map that can bring us back to our true nature, the wilderness in us! 

Traveling in my body, inhabiting…my story is squeezed out of my flesh and bones. My pain is the pain of the Earth – My story is Our story 

artistic direction: Marisa Grande – WEundercurrent

performers: Femke Jansen, Geerte de Koe, Chiara Bockstahler, Astera Mortezai

with the support of InMotion dance traces and Laboratory for Movement Wageningen