In this workshop we explored Time and observed its implications in our body and what it does to the relation with space and the other. We dove into sensing time in action and shifting the perception of time, playing with the different spaces that time creates and dance within its atmospheres.

Somatic Dance is an organic approach to body and movement that guides you into a deeper connection of bodily experience by moving with sensitivity and imagination. It uses experiential anatomy, partnering, kinaesthetic watching and integration through movement. It develops and invites a dynamic dance practice in which body and mind are integrated and able to dialogue and inspire one another in action. It is a process where the dualistic approach of body against mind is dissolved into a full-embodied intelligence.
Instant Composition is a training and a practice to compose in real time. Developing directly from the physical experience we tap into the world of dance as a language and open up to its power of communication through composition. We train our capacity to make choices by being present and tuned to the moment, perceiving and moving as one organic action.

Dynamics of TIME video — long version available here